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If your baby has colic, examine your diet for foods known to irritate a baby through breastmilk, avoiding any type of nipple product (including ours)… Don’t give up! Your nipples will toughen in a week or so. Hang in there, for breastfeeding is the best for both mother and baby!

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Nipple Salve

What are the options for sore nipples? What’s best for sore or chapped nipples is the breast milk itself. You can tough it out, for it will pass in a week or so with warm compresses soaked with breast milk. If you feel you need more help, do NOT under any circumstances put lanolin on them for it is the waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals as a water resistant protectant.Lively Clover Baby Safe Natural Products It should NEVER to be ingested for it is indigestible. It is a great skin softener for hands, feet, and dry skin, but should never be used on skin that is chafed or severely chapped. No matter how they purify it, it is a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. We are convinced that mothers using any nipple creams containing lanolin can cause colic in a newborn, no matter how little might be ingested by the infant.

We also do not recommend any type of nipple cream for creams force together water based ingredients with oil-based ones by an emulsifying wax. This is absolutely NOT necessary and we do not support the use of any blended creams. If you have extremely sensitive nipples, then our nipple salve is a great help, as it is made with mango butter, rice bran oil and just a trace of Calendula extract.

If your nipples are still sore after using the pot of nipple salve, then perhaps you are not holding your baby in the correct position, as even the most aggressive little sucker should not cause sore nipples once the pot is used.

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